Road to IndieCade

We’ve been largely silent the past few months.  We’ve moved our offices up to Chicago IL and begun play testing and developing new prototypes for The Most Dangerous Game.

The game was submitted to the IndieCade festival for independent games in Culver CIty California as part of a rewards package for winning an award in the CUDO Plays design competition in Champaign-Urbana IL.

We’re happy to announce that the game is an official selection of IndieCade 2015!  We’re excited to make the trip and see some amazing games, both digital and tabletop, and continue to test and promote the game.  We’re hoping to spread the word about the game and ensure that a wide audience loves it.


You can visit our IndieCade page Here.

As we begin to prep for the IndieCade festival later this month, we will continue to post updates about the game and go into more detail about the design behind the game and how it plays, along with reports from the festival itself.


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